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When it relates to caring for such a delicate and sensitive area, such as the ears, you want to let the grooming professionals handle it.

Our staff members are highly educated and experienced when it involves the proper care of this vital and sensitive region. Ear care is essential for your dog for their ears’ best performance and guarantees that infections will not set in. Your pet’s overall health and safety are our primary concern, and we go to the most significant lengths to ensure that everything is sanitary and proper. There’s also the possibility that a sensitive dog may get annoyed when you’re taking care of their ears. Our team members are experienced with the wellness of your dog’s ears and can let you know if there’s any reason why your dog must see the veterinarian. As pet owners, we all often question, “Should I be the one cleaning my dog’s ears?” or “How frequently must I clean my dog’s ears?” The first answer is yes; however, the second answer is a bit more complicated and depends upon many factors, so let us help you understand what this is all about. It is clear that not all dogs have the same ears, and certain dog breeds are much more vulnerable to ear infections than others due to how their ears are designed. For instance, breeds with upright ears are less prone to ear complications or an ear infection than the breeds with hanging ears or drop ears such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and more. The primary cause of these issues is the lack of airflow in the ear; this results in foreign materials like moisture, grime, and debris to get trapped in the ear canal. Not practicing regular dog ear cleaning can evolve and fester into a yeast infection or a bacterial ear infection. Some other ear complications triggers can include allergies or nasty mites; these dreadful small parasites reside within your pet’s ear canal.


If your dog is among the breeds susceptible to ear complications, regular dog ear cleaning could decrease the frequency of any ear infection. However, how often you need to clean it depends on your dog. One problem owners can encounter is cleaning their dog’s ears way too often, resulting in skin and ear irritation; you only want to get them cleaned enough to help keep any infections in check. You can ask our friendly staff once they visit your location what they believe is the best way depending on your unique dog. You will need to clean their ears thoroughly monthly; however, other dogs will need a clean bi-weekly or every week. Even if your dog is among the breeds that are not vulnerable to ear infections, you must continue to clean them if they look or even smell a bit dirty. Notice a funky yeast or nasty odor, a smell like bread coming out of your pet’s ears. It may indicate an infection brewing, and it can call for a visit to the vet as soon as possible before it can ultimately develop. Some other symptoms can consist of frequent scratching of the ears, discharge, and too much head shaking. Ear infection for your puppy could be a harrowing experience and must be handled ASAP! Be sure you schedule your dog with our movable dog wash services so we can take care of the dog ear cleaning service for you! Contact us today!

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Like bathing or nail trimming, ear cleaning is an essential part of the dog grooming method. Nearly anything in the ear can result in intense itching, discomfort, and an ear infection if it is not managed correctly. For a dog, any pain source could eventually lead to behavioral problems, such as barking or nipping. We’d love to help. There are ear cleaning products available in many pet stores across the region. However, unless you’ve got the proper equipment and understanding, you might wish to stay away from cleaning your dog’s ears. The risk of hearing loss, pain, and discomfort are relatively high. As pet owners and seasoned dog groomers, we know how to calm an anxious dog and relax them during the ear cleaning process. We are offered weekdays for pet grooming expertise wherever you’re. Our mobile pet grooming salon will at your office or home, wherever you need, at the scheduled time.


Dogs need to get their ears cleaned every so often, but several dogs require more extensive cleaning than many other breeds. When you are looking for a dog ear cleaning service, our groomers are focused on the external ear canal. We only utilize safe materials and top-grade products for cleaning your dog’s ears. We’re a group of dog-loving and experienced professionals. We always make sure to place you and your pet’s total satisfaction in the upper part of our main priority. Please consider us and take advantage of our inexpensive services! We are the perfect pet care provider for all dog grooming Boulder services you need for your pet. To schedule a scheduled appointment with us, all you have to do is call us. We have a wide variety of services that are affordable that your pet would enjoy!


Not one pet owner desires to see their furry friend with an ear infection, leaving them with red-brown yellow, waxy, black discharge, and a swollen ear. All of this is often due to poor hygiene. In many instances, it is the basic things that are the most important, and most of it could be avoided by keeping up with your pet’s general hygiene. When you leave your pets in our hands, we will make sure that they’re fully serviced and ensure their ears are not dirty and any ear wax is removed. We have all of the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your pet is well looked-after in our hands. Additionally, if you have any concerns or questions regarding our dog grooming Boulder procedures and services, don’t delay giving us a call; we will be glad to answer any questions. We’re right here at your service!

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As dog groomers Boulder, we are all about pet health, comfort, and providing a good experience. We know that grooming may be stressful, so we pay close attention to the pet and provide gentle care filled with affection. We are glad to work with your dog’s unique needs, mainly insecure, elderly, or physically disabled pets.