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As dog groomers Boulder, we are all about pet health, comfort, and providing a good experience.

We know that grooming may be stressful, so we pay close attention to the pet and provide gentle care filled with affection. We are glad to work with your dog’s unique needs, mainly insecure, elderly, or physically disabled pets. Nevertheless, we do reserve the right to refuse service to unhealthy, unruly, or aggressive pets. Your dog will receive five-star treatment when they come to us for dog daycare. We feature pool-time and play-time for all our furry guests, and we offer dog grooming Boulder too. Our professional and friendly team members ensure every dog receives the stimulation and exercise they need for the duration of their stay. All visitors are cared for indoors during their stay, so you do not have to be worried about the harmful effects of weather or insects on your pet.


We ensure that pets are correctly administered and cared for throughout their stay. Our seasoned staff members will send your pet home clean, trimmed, and happy. They can do nail trimming, baths, dog haircut, ear cleaning, and more. We space appointments out, so your pet doesn’t have to invest a very long time waiting, then stay here for the entire day. Our complete dog grooming Boulder service is typically finished within four to five hours. Or if your dog only needs a simple bath, our groomers will do it for you. Our baths consist of a dog nail trim, a comprehensive ear cleaning, clothes, blow-dry, and (for small dogs) an expression of anal scent glands. More than a puppy haircut or cat nail trimming, we put your pet’s comfort and joy at the forefront of all things we do.

Our Services

Dog Grooming

Our mobile dog and cat groomers are happy to enhance your pets’ comfort and hearing by clearing the guck out of their ears.

Dog Ear Cleaning

This is a standard part of our mobile dog grooming. Your pooch should have his or her nails clipped at least once per month.

Grooming Boulder CO

Mobile Dog Grooming

Baths, to scrub the dirt and grime away from your beloved pets’ coats. Our deep cleaning will leave your dog or cat’s fur feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Dog Washing

This is a standard part of our mobile dog grooming. Your pooch should have his or her nails clipped at least once per month.

Dog Nail Trimming

This is a standard part of our mobile dog grooming. Your pooch should have his or her nails clipped at least once per month.

Mobile Dog Grooming Boulder

At our dog grooming Boulder CO salon, you can be confident that your pet will receive the best grooming service available, executed by our professional and skilled groomers. We set our hearts into each pet hairstyle, manicure, and pet hygiene service we provide. We are happy to offer dog nail trimming and bathing services that will make your furry friend smelling and looking their best. You can contact us today to learn more about our services. Our dog groomers Boulder are natural animal people. We cherish the fact that our clients and their pets see our grooming salon as a second house, and we always focus on giving you the very best hospitality with the very best customer care. Whenever you choose us for grooming, dog wash Boulder, or daycare, you can rest easy knowing that they will be in a comfortable environment getting the very best treatment possible from our certified grooming staff. We look ahead to working with your pet shortly! Years of experience have taught us that a clean dog is a happy dog. Our full-service dog grooming includes bathing, dog hair styling, hair trimming, full cuts, nail trimming, foot and pad checking, ear cleaning, and anal gland cleaning. All dogs are carefully dried at room temperature and monitored so they feel secure and relaxed with healthy coats.

Dog Wash Boulder

Locating a dog groomer Boulder for your pets could be challenging, particularly if the groomer doesn’t know how to deal with your pet’s coat properly. We have many years of experience. If you have a dog with long furs such as Lhasa Apso, or a Yorkie, or a dog with a heavy coat such as a Belgian Malinois or Portuguese Water Dog, we have the experience, and we’ll take care of them. We never use tranquilizers on any pet that we groom; your pet is kept feeling safe and secure during the entire dog grooming Boulder CO process. They will come back to you satisfied, healthy, and clean. Regular grooming plays a crucial part in keeping your pet healthy and happy! Our team offers full-service grooming and dog wash Boulder with lots of choices so that they can go back home feeling and looking their best! Your pup will receive one-on-one attention, pampering them to the maximum! Our objective is to provide as stress-free of an environment as possible for each service. Our team offers hypo-allergenic shampoos for our extra sensitive clients. All the Boulder dog grooming appointments require veterinarian documentation of current vaccinations. As convenient and fun as our self-service wash is, we know that DIY pet grooming isn’t always your favorite. Even if you do like to bathe your pup, everybody deserves a spa day sometimes!

Our Process Is Stress Free

Step 1

Call to schedule your pets appointment. Let us know how you want us to groom your pet. Be as detailed as you want!

Step 2

Upon our arrival, the groomer will review with you the service chosen and answer any questions you may have

Step 3

Your pet will then go with the groomer on-board our mobile salon to be pampered and groomed! Avg time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours

Dog Grooming Boulder CO

Our professional pet grooming service is an excellent way to spoil a pet that’s been a good boy. Our dog groomers Boulder Colorado will lather, clothe, and pamper your pet. You can count on a shiny, clipped nail, soft coat, and a sweet smell! All pet grooming services will be completed, and your pet will be ready to go home in approximately three hours, rather than spending the entire day at the salon. You can leave your dog at our salon, do your shopping, run some errands, and come back for pick up. If you like the feel of a new professional haircut and manicure, we guarantee your dog does too! It can certainly be stressful to get your pup to stay still while you attempt to bathe and trim his hair. Here at our salon, we offer dog nail trim, and hair cutting, and styling services; thus, both of you can relax and take the day-off.


When you take your pet to us, you can be confident that we will treat them like they’re ours. Leaving your pet to others’ care is not easy; it is our goal to see you and your pet happy. That’s why our dog groomers Boulder Colorado make an effort to become familiar with every consumer. Our friendly staff members will treat you and your dogs with respect and kindness. We want your loved ones to be excited to see us knowing that they’ll be pampered and treated like royalty. We offer a service where one of our Boulder dog wash experts will clean, blow dry, de-shed (if necessary), and trim your dog’s nails. This service is a bath only service done by one of our reliable employees. We will make your dog a thoroughly clean dog if you do not have the time to get it done yourself. If your pet needs a dog haircut, we can provide it. You can give us a call to learn more about our availability.

Boulder Dog Grooming

Our customers appreciate us, and we are confident you will too! Keeping your pet in good condition is what we do at our mobile dog grooming Boulder salon. We are genuinely enthusiastic about dog grooming and take pleasure in ensuring your pet stays in tip-top condition throughout the year. Boulder dog grooming is one thing we love doing, and because of the washes and grooming services we have done, were becoming excellent at it! Our staff is so passionate about our business that we’ll always choose a thorough, complete wash and clipping more than a rushed job. Through consistent and great feedback, we know that this is the simplest way to provide excellent dog service and leave our customers confident that they selected the best mobile dog grooming Boulder salon.

Dog Groomers Boulder

Anyone who may have previously had a pet can testify how much of a positive impact they have on the family. Among the best things is coming home after a long day to see your pet so enthusiastic and pleased to see you. However, it won’t always be a great experience if your pet has been digging holes and rolling in the mud, or if your pet has not maintained properly, their hair can overgrow and start to smell bad. This is where we come in! Leave the Boulder dog wash to our seasoned dog groomers, and forget the hassle of driving your dog to the pet grooming salon. We will keep your pets in the very best condition; you won’t ever have to stress about getting smelly hands after giving your furry friend a good scratch. We are never far away! We can guarantee that our mobile dog grooming Boulder CO team will do a fantastic job. We’ll go to your house and give you one fancy-looking canine! We provide dog teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, baths, blow-dry, and more, all for your lovely pet.

Mobile Dog Grooming Boulder CO

Our business aims to help you create a harmonious atmosphere in your house between pets and family members. We have expanded our philosophy to include clean dogs too! Here at our mobile dog grooming Boulder CO salon, we understand that cleaning your dog can be a hassle; thus, we offer a way to make it easier for you and your dog. You can forget about wiping off the bathroom ceiling or even chasing after the dog within the property with a hose! We provide the towels, shampoos, and dryers you need to clean your pet, all you need to bring is your dog, a leash, and we’ll clean up the mess! Our Mobile Dog Grooming Boulder is a convenient and exciting way to get your pet completely clean while having a good bonding experience. Our grooming service includes a bath, blow-dry, hair cut and trim, dog nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning. Breeds such as Labrador retrievers, basset hounds, and other short-haired dogs are the most typical full-service bath client. We provide full-service baths, dog hair styling, and more for any breed.

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Dog Groomers Boulder Colorado

We’re all pet lovers that provide a selection of services to make your pets happy and healthy. All our staff members are fully-trained and highly-qualified to work with all breeds and sizes of dogs. That way, you won’t need to be concerned when you take your pet to us. Our groomers can professionally administer dog teeth, cleaning, bathing, hair cuts, hair styling, and more. We are known for our loving approach and attention to detail. Call us today to discover what many services we can offer your pup! We’re entirely dedicated to being your partner servicing all of your pet’s grooming must-have, be it a dog ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, hair styling, or bathing. All our staff members are fully accredited and meet our high standards of excellence. We understand how important your pets are for you; therefore, we treat them as a part of our family. When we take care of your pets, you can be confident that they stay under proper supervision and in the most enjoyable and secure conditions possible. We are always incredibly cautious and attentive when dealing with their needs, like dog ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and more. You will not need to be concerned when you drop them off, as they’re treated like royalty while in our care.

Dog Ear Cleaning

We only utilize the best equipment to ensure your pet’s comfort throughout many of our services. We also use eco-friendly and pet-safe grooming supplies with each washing. Our highest goal is your pet’s well-being, and we attempt to offer them throughout every step! See your pet’s tail wagging and contact us now to arrange for an appointment, be it for a full-service grooming or a mere dog nail trimming service! We offer loving and personalized care for every dog. If your dog is stressed by grooming, we may choose to give him a break during the grooming process. Even though some dogs have a record of horrible grooming experiences, we believe that even the most untrusting and stubborn dogs can grow to love the pampering with constant care in a quiet and safe environment.

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Dog Nail Trimming

Our staff of dog lovers treats every dog like it’s theirs. We’re proud of our differences and invite you to visit or plan a tour. We look ahead to providing you with outstanding because we know that we would not be here if it weren’t for you. If you’re searching for a dog groomer Boulder, you should get in contact with us. We’ve created our dog grooming salon brilliant, clean, and colorful to ensure your fur babies think they’re at home and aren’t nervous and stressed. We treat your dog like ours, and most of the time, we want to take them home with us. As you might know, we’re real animal lovers and are confident that you and your dogs won’t be disappointed in choosing us as your new dog groomers for many years to come! Whether you need bathing, hair styling, hair trimming, dog nail trimming service, and more, we will be here for you.

Dog Grooming Boulder CO

As dog groomers Boulder, we are all about pet health, comfort, and providing a good experience. We know that grooming may be stressful, so we pay close attention to the pet and provide gentle care filled with affection. We are glad to work with your dog’s unique needs, mainly insecure, elderly, or physically disabled pets.