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We all know that having a bath is essential for the benefit of our pet parents’ noses, but did you know that a Boulder dog wash is vital to your pet’s general health, as well? Regular grooming can help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, which can prevent problems down the road. While we don’t currently have complete grooming services, we provide essential grooming like baths, blowouts, nail trimming, and other spa options. A part of every Boulder dog wash that we give in our grooming salon is a professional blow-dry for your pet. You will find both issues of safety and style here. A dog can’t quickly let you know if they’re uncomfortable due to the high temperature of a hairdryer, and there’s usually the danger of hurting their skin by using a very high temperature. Our staff understands what it’s doing about this. They thoroughly monitor the dryer’s temperature and your dog’s skin to tell what the perfect temperature must be. They’re dog lovers who are always searching for the comfort and security of the pets they groom. 


Additionally, our mobile pet grooming staff is qualified at providing a style to your pet that’s both unique and beautiful. They understand that every pet differs and calls for exceptional attention to ensure that every styling element is correct. The procedure for drying your dog after a bath must be an enjoyable one. We suggest that you always ask for the same person in our staff for the Boulder dog grooming. This will improve your pet’s enjoyment since it’s like seeing one of her best friends each time they’re groomed.

Boulder Dog Wash

A meticulous clean is our goal, and this takes plenty of serious elbow action or tender care from our committed groomers. We utilize clean, warm water, and your preference of professional shampoo treatments to clean your dog, being more cautious around sensitive areas such as the ears and eyes. Let our insured, trained, and dog-loving groomers do the dog wash Boulder for you. We’ll first pre-brush your dog; this loosens the dirt before utilizing warm water and premium shampoo to treat your pet to a thorough washing. We are cautious around delicate areas like the ears and eyes, but we provide them a vigorous scrub to ensure your dog is squeaky clean by the end of the appointment! The appointment length differs by the size and breed of the dog. We will also check whether your dogs’ nails need trimming and clean them if they do.


Removal of the undercoat and loose coat is incredibly essential to maintaining good health. Matted coats are incredibly unpleasant for a dog to carry around; it’s like having hundreds of rubber bands stretching tight on your skin; this is why frequent Boulder dog grooming isn’t a luxury but a need. Regular grooming stimulates blood circulation, which often enhances blood supply to the hair follicles achieving wonders for the coat health. Grooming also encourages the lymphatic system; therefore, having a positive impact on the dog’s overall health in the same way that a massage service does for people. Great for older animals. Our groomers are thoroughly trained in the baths’ operation to maintain the customer’s pets’ best health. Our stylists and groomers are committed to the critical goal of helping pet owners keep their pets smelling and looking fantastic. Your dog will likely need to have a bath a few times between full grooming treatments, and we’re ecstatic to do the work for you through a dog wash Boulder service. Much more than a simple bath, this particular service will keep your pet healthy and beautiful.

Boulder Dog Grooming

Your pet will smell and look fantastic right after a professional grooming session at our shop. Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to keep your furry friend clean between those sessions. Whether you’ve taken your dog to the dog park not too long ago or you’ve had an enjoyable time actively playing together in the yard, your furry friend might be in vital need of a dog bath Boulder Colorado. Do you not have time to clean your dog? No problem. The experts at our salon can get it done for you. You won’t have to worry about detergent getting in your dog’s eyes if you choose us. We have the expertise to clean your dog safely and thoroughly. We also provide safe dog nail trimming. Make a scheduled appointment with us for the dog bath Boulder Colorado instantly to continue with your dog’s hygiene. We’ve got many types of shampoos available, so you do not have to worry about your pet’s fleas or skin condition, and you can quickly get your pets dry out with our hairdryer and vacuum. We’re reasonably priced and supply you with cleaning solutions like soaps, tearless shampoo, oatmeal shampoo, flea and tick preventative treatment, and conditioner. The pet owner can dry their pet off with our dryer, vacuum, or towels that will not irritate the skin.

Dog Washing Boulder

It may be hilarious to enjoy clips of dog parents struggling to do the dog washing Boulder on YouTube, but it is typically much less enjoyable. It could be messy, stressful, and time-consuming for both you and your pup. Our caring staff creates a calming venue for your dog in our modern spa facilities designed to cater to our furry visitors’ comfort. For instance, we understand that several dogs might get anxious around heavy noises; that is why we provide various drying techniques, like crate hair dryers or handheld alternatives. If you have already attempted to trim your dog’s fingernails by yourself, you are undoubtedly aware that they’ve got a blood vessel named the “quick,” and that runs throughout the middle of the nails—by chance cutting the quick can lead to pain and bleeding. Do you favor to do the dog washing Boulder yourself? Here at our salon, we give self-serve tubs at picked places suited for dogs of all sizes and shapes. You can bring shampoo from home and be at liberty to work with some of our pet-safe products. We’ll even take care of all of the cleanups!